Phyto Astaxanthin Plus Whitening Capsules


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  • Helps to whiten the skin
  • Perfect for acne prone skin
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Slow down menopause
  • Helps males’ infertility
  • Helps in age related muscular degeneration – wrinkled skin
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Phyto Astaxathin Capsule gives a double whitening effect. Makes your facial skin without acne, without the effects of acne scars or scars from wounds, the face becomes V shape, only need to take 1 capsule a day .. reduce caffeine intake .. drink boiled water in large amounts for more effect Astaxathin capsule against the body.
With Phyto Astaxanthin Plus Abyadh, You do not need botox injections or fillers to look youthful & V-shaped face!
Effect of Phyto Astaxanthin Plus Abyadh as early as 5 days only!

Properties– Improves overall skin radiance, tone, texture and elasticity.
Lightens Hyperpigmentation, PIH and Melasma.
Provides Immune Support, Repairs damaged Skin.
Strengthens hair and nails, Intracellular Detoxification.

General Use– One Capsule once daily.

General Precautions– Not for use in Children, Pregnant Women, Breastfeeding Mothers or in Chronic Medical Illnesses except with the approval of your Personal Physician.

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