Satin Skinz Hithion Plus Whitening Supplement


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  • Whitens dark skin 10x more powerful
  • Reduce production of dark melanin
  • Get rid of stubborn dark skin folds and uneven skin tone color
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Restore youthful skin
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The satin skinz hithion plus is mainly target for African skin . It contains 15 sachets powder and to be used every other day .  However,  it can be used daily for more potent result.


2000mg, Pure Hithion White powder
✅ Whitens dark skin 10x more powerful
✅ Reduce production of dark melanin
✅ Get rid of stubborn dark skin folds and uneven skin tone color
✅ Increase skin elasticity
✅ Restore youthful skin
✅ Eliminate hyperpigmentation and melasma

1000mg, Pureway C : 10 times more powerful than any other types of Vitamin C

✅ Eliminate acne & scars
✅ Prevent wrinkles formation
✅ Stimulate new skin cell growth.
✅ Repair and diminish scars & wounds
✅ Effectively strengths the immune system against viruses
✅ Reduce inflammation & protects cells from damage.

500mg, Co-enzymne Q10
✅ Protect skin from environmental stressors
✅ Energizes the skin
✅ Helps skin retain moistures
✅ Reduce fullness and tightens up the skin
✅ Reduce sun damage
✅ Reduce wrinkles and lines
✅ Skin looks younger and glowing

500mg, Vitamin E Acetate
✅ Reduce UV damage in skin
✅ Lighten dark spots
✅ Anti-inflammatory
✅ Promotes hair growth & prevent hair loss

500mg, Applehenon
✅ Lightens skin pigment
✅ Reduces melanin production that causes dark skin.
✅ Improve bad breath
✅ Antihistamine
✅ Promote weight loss

500mg, Peach extract
✅ Helps to renew the skin for a rejuvenated complexion.
✅ Helps in digestion, prevent constipation and lower risk of gut diseases.
✅ Nourish the bones and tending tissue.
✅ Tighten pores
✅ Nourish repair nails, hair & joint to be healthy

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